Advertising helps us finance the running costs of the radio
How to listen THAIMUSIC.ME?
To listen to the radio, you have the choice between staying on the homepage of the website or you can use one of our partners like TuneIN or RadioLine.
The advantage of staying on our website is the real-time display of the titles broadcast, with upcoming titles and history!
How is the Internet radio financed?
Your web radio is financed by its creators, our policy is not to broadcast any advertising in order to offer an optimal listening comfort, if you wish it, you can make us a donation, in order to help us to support the running costs . Even the smallest amount will change everything!
I have a radio software like iTunes, can I listen to the radio?
Of course!
You can use the links below to listen to us, we have several listening formats, from broadband to lower speed, for optimal listening, we advise you to use the 192 kbits MP3 stream.
By clicking on these links, your computer should automatically launch your favorite music software.

Ultra High Definition MP3 256kbits

High Definition MP3 224kbits
Medium Definition MP3 96Kbits
Ultra LOW Definition MP3 32kbits (Bad Quality!)
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